Adventures in the Realms of Ryn

The time of the Dragonriders of Ryn has come, at long last, bringing with it all the tidings of change that a New Age bestows. The Prophecies of Dreams have begun their circulation, and with them uncertainty and fear. As the Pantheon is wreathed in strife, insanity and inner turmoil, gods both old and new struggle to find the Key of Immortality and their quest for Hosts and Avatars takes itself closer to the main planes than ever before. In exchange for worship the gods are quick to bestow their divine blessings upon even the smallest of man to champion their cause. Children born bearing archaic symbols from the Time of Darkness run away into the night sky, or are put to death for fear of their tidings. Armies on both sides wage their holy war; diabolists banning together to restore their insane, old gods, to their former power fight against the might of the New Gods who brought peace and sanity to Ryn in the times of darkness. And, somewhere between, there rises a small contingency of those who must embrace the Shades of Grey; men and women of all races that have fallen from favor of their gods for treachery whose motivations are the ascent of the Old Gods into the Pantheon of the New Gods.

Now that the Age of the Dreams has arrived, what trials will befall the common man? What tasks can even the small of stature but brave of heart complete to protect the New Gods from the betrayal of the Old Gods? Can our hero’s move quickly enough to get a step ahead of the Diabolical ‘Knights of Solomon’ and organize themselves with enough allies to prevent the destruction of the Pantheon and save the Ryn-sphere, when allies are in short order? Can they find a way to prevent the destruction of the innocent followers of the Old Gods and keep the forces of the New Gods held back?

Are you brave enough to walk the middle ground?

We will see.

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