History of Ryn

The History of Ryn and the Pantheons

Ryn is entering into it’s 7th Age, the Age of Dreams. Almost 15,000 years have passed since the Age of Darkness, providing Ryn with thousands of years of change and history since the Old Gods walked the face of planet. Each age has its own heroes and villains, wars and trials; one thing has remained the same: the threat of the diabolists.

A Perspective on Ryn and the Ages

The majority of the Ages described will provide information regarding the Times of the New Gods, with only minimal information being available regarding the Time before Time. That era has long since passed, with the majority of the stories and legends being lost to antiquity. Perhaps a handful of insane old historians have come across legends or lores about the dark times, and almost all of the old artifacts or implements have long since been forgotten. Whispers in dark caverns and old places may lend answers to old mysteries for the adventurer brave enough to go hunting them…

There is a sense of fear and hatred for the Old Gods in every facet of Ryn which has continued throughout the Ages of Ryn. While the age-old reasons for ‘why’ the peoples of Ryn fear the Old Gods have long since disappeared, the effects still linger. All know that the Old Gods lost Ryn to “The Darkness Beyond” and fear that if they return to power, all life is in jeopardy. To that notion, the Hosts of the New Gods are quested with the task of tending the flock, and weeding out diabolists wherever they so dwell, in addition to their other patron’s duties as the threat of the diabolists threaten every living and unliving being on the face of Ryn. have been seen extracting vengeance upon followers of the Old Gods; simple farmers who call to the Old Gods find that their crops won’t grow; magic users find that their spells and incantations fizzle and lack the strength of resolve. The threat of the Diabolists is growing with each passing day; it can be felt in the air, and seen in the water.

From the simple farmer to the most powerful emperor, all in Ryn show respect to the New Gods. Some worship zealously, others show private, quiet respect. One expects the clerics and paladins of the New Gods to worship with adoration and maintain the faith and shepherd the flock, and of course, they do so with gladness. Even the darkest evil of Ryn despises the Old Gods however, and provides lip-service or devotion to one of the New Gods. This common ground has, on rare occasion, drawn the forces of good and evil together to fight the greater evil: the Diabolist followers of the Old Gods.

History of Ryn

    Timekeeping on Ryn has stayed very close to the same as it was during the old days. The Great Temple of Minat, deep in the Golden Sands Desert, is still used to determine the day, fortnight, moon (month), and year. The surface stones reflect the colors of the moon in an array of lights and reflections. The calendar lasts an Age (2,150 years), counting up to the top of the pyramid; many cultists come to believe at the end of each age that the End of Days are upon Ryn once more, with prophets and scholars giving their While water clocks are now common place, the old sun dials are still used in many cities. In some of the more advanced civilizations, steam and machinery has brought with it the smallest of technological devices, allowing numbers to tick along in gadgetry small enough for in your pocket.

    The oldest of
    The Time Before Time
    During the Time before Time, the Old Gods were the predominant Gods and Goddess of the Ryn Pantheon. During this era, the Realms of Ryn were still open to spell-jamming and gateways to other worlds existed, allowing their influences to creep into the Ryn Sphere. This included peoples, relics, magics, and more importantly, godly influences. During this Age, Ryn had eight principle gods: Ryn , the goddess of the main plane, the five Elemental Gods, governed by the elements: Civix (Spirit), Illuminae (Fire), Aerak (Earth), Shan’imar (Air), and Brilth (Water); the four elements governed by the four elemental planes of existence, and the twin Suns, Shuna (the sun of the East) and Kios (the sun of West) both of which are visible, however one is more predominant depending on which side of Ryn you are on. As mentioned, the traditional pantheon of Ryn had select few followers, so in the oldest of temples and texts hidden away, patron signs of foreign deities still may exist – including symbols and writings in the old, forgotten temples.

    The Old Religion and peoples of Ryn may have been simple, but were advanced in their cultural beliefs and their capacity of building. Many of the old, great temple foundations still stand buried far beneath the ground, waiting for adventurers and anthropologists to uncover their hidden spaces. One city, the White City, still stands, though largely in ruin, hidden within a mountainous grove. Discovered by adventurers seeking glory and riches, the White City’s marble columns and pillars stand still against the trials of time that the last 15,000 years presented. Most believe that the valley it is situated in provided it with natural safety from the elements (water, snow, wind, ect). Others believe that it was the cradle of civilization and that the powers of the elemental gods protect it still. Most that adventure to it never live to return; others are changed, their minds given way to insanity such that their only recourse is a sanitarium. Rumors tell that the civilization had grown and expanded to embrace various technological advancements, harnessing the powers of steam and electricity, but if so all traces of such advancement was destroyed along with the peoples during the era. As no relics have been produced indicating anything beyond an advanced building society with the capacity to build pyramids and zygats, most believe that everything during the Time Before Time was low-tech.

    What we know of the Time before Time is that there was a catalyst and creatures from an alien world came to Ryn to harvest and strip mine the planet and make her void of natural resources. It is only referred to as “The Darkness” of Ryn, as these aliens swept like a plague over the face of the planet.

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    Seventh Age: The Age of Dreams

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