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Danger. Adventure. Fantastic monsters and all manners of heroes and villains await your step around every shadowed corner. The world is a setting that can appease to any sense and adventure, with mystical isles settled deep within sparkling periwinkle blue waters; far eastern kingdoms with thousand thread count silks in exotic colours and spices to tantalize the senses and beyond. You will find antique trees in forests so old that most humans have never set eyes upon their wonders, steeped with Elvan spires that reach up and touch the skies; and, far in the heart of the mountains, Dwarven cities are lined with columns and marble floors carved out of the very earth that they inhibit, working their eon-old crafts.

Throughout the face of Ryn, you can find a multitude of settings. The majority are common to any other D&D setting, where high fantasy is mingled within a multitude of magical things. Wizards of high sorcery make their citadels impenetrable through magical reinforcements and make wondrous items that make the impossible occur every day. Mystical barricades and walls guard cities from monsters that would ravage the populace; clerics cleanse the waters and foods with their words and prayers, removing diseases and poisons.

Other kingdoms and civilizations have mastered sciences and technology, preferring the sciences medicine to traditional clerical beliefs; using solar power to heat water and homes instead of magical fires. They dance with their electronics and are slaves to the technologically powered devices that cause their world to go around. They are masters of mathematics and geometrics, orchestrating their hospitals and aqueducts and water treatment centers, bringing safe, clean living to their peoples.

I am proud to present the setting of “Ryn”, a d20 fantasy setting where anything is rather possible. To be noted, this setting is not my original creation: a friend who had developed the concept with a “buddy” introduced me to his theories and from there, we adjusted. We grew. We changed and evolved. Whatever type of game you like to play, Ryn is a universe all in and of it’s own that has many settings, and provides each storyteller with the capacity to integrate the many systems into the world. Ryn is an exceedingly large planet with many different continents, colonies, lands and kingdoms of every kind; in fact, the face of Ryn is so large that the planet needed two suns to provide enough light and warmth to provide climates to all the face of Ryn. As time has progressed, several moons (all larger than the size of Jupiter, and populated with many a peoples) have come into the Ryn-Pantheon as new gods have been formed, with these ‘moons’ as their own realms. As such, each of the celestial beings (the planet, the suns and the moons) are the planar realms of the Gods of the New Pantheon.

At the moment, we’re adding information a little at a time, to not get worn out on the posting, so keep checking back as there will be updates on information in the future.

Please take the time to enjoy the setting and if you use pieces of parts of this in your own campaign, Huzzah to us! We’d love to hear about your stories and campaigns, just sent an email off to :D

The Ryn Pantheon

Please visit The Ryn Pantheon for a detailed look into the Gods and Goddess of Ryn.

The History of Ryn

In the History of Ryn you will find information about the history of the Gods and Goddess along with a timeline for the players of Ryn.

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