The Ryn Pantheon

The Gods and Goddess of Ryn

The Ryn Pantheon has been through two distinct inceptions during the history of Ryn. Of these two distinctions, the New Gods are currently those in power after a struggle for power some 15,000 years back, when the “Old Gods” went insane and were overthrown by those we call the “New Gods”. For the events leading to the New Gods ascendant unto Ryn, please view the “History of the Ryn Pantheon”. That said, the New Gods’ ironclad rule is felt by the majority of the masses, regardless of if they worship or do not. Most have grand temples or shrines, regardless of the strength. While other pantheons make their power and strength most commonly known through their clerics, the devotion of the populace to the New Gods can be felt in the farthest reaches of Ryn. Every person has a god that they worship, even the common man.

Much like other pantheons, deities rule the many different aspects of life and all alignments: law & chaos; neutrality; good & evil. The second major consideration of the gods is that each has patronage to a different aspect or two on Ryn. While some gods may share domains, no two gods share the same principle domain. Third, the Gods are also patrons of races; the main difference is that the god does not require his servitor to be of a patron’d race to grant clerical powers.

The New Gods

The Quatrum

Ryn – Goddess of the Earth; of female fertility; of weather;
Maker – God of Magic (Wizardry, Channeling); of male fertility; of vanity;

The Suns


The Moons

Nireath – Goddess of healing; of Protection; of Good

The Old Gods

Civix – Spirit
Illuminae – Fire
Aerak – Earth
Shan’imar – Air
Brilth – Water

Deities, defined

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